Fetch the wheelbarrow


My sister once said that she could tell the size of a man’s “member” just by looking at him.  She spouted something about confidence and how a man walked.  Ramman’s comment to that was “You mean when he’s in the buff and if he’s got a wheelbarrow with him?” 


I don’t know how accurate she is but she certainly sounded confident!  I suspect that she’s got more experience than I do – and she’s 12 years my junior!  Can I just say how irksome that is!  Of course I’m not jealous – I’m very happy with what I’ve got at the moment.  (So much so that last Christmas I got him “Sex God” underpants.)  I occasionally wonder if I missed anything.  I don’t think I did because I was never forward enough to fancy sex after just a few dates.  I don’t even kiss on the first date.  A peck on the cheek was the most I’ve ever thought about giving.  I’m not saying that my sister is any easier than I am either – she’s just been single longer than I’ve been throughout our lives.  And she’s louder than I am, which makes her sound more confident than I am, I expect.


I know there are a number of theories in discovering how large the package is before getting him home.  I remember when I was in college (centuries ago), I was at our lunch table with a bunch of my girlfriends.  One of them was loudly telling us all (I think she wound up working with the deaf) about her recent conquest and how disappointed she was when she saw.  I seem to remember a fishing analogy and “throwing back small minnows!”  The funniest thing about that lunch was the number of men who were craning their heads around eavesdropping on the conversation. 


Women check feet, a nose or anything like that but the most accurate tell-tale sign is checking a man’s hands.  I found that out from Helios!  Now, I don’t want to say that I’ve had a large sampling of men to check the accuracy of this statement but I can assure you that, amongst the small sampling of the male population that I’ve taken I’ll say it’s the most accurate indicator I’ve found.


Now you know.  It’s not got anything to do with confidence or a large Roman nose (Although I will say that a wheelbarrow would be a dead giveaway!), just examine your date’s hands and choose according to your requirements. 




5 thoughts on “Fetch the wheelbarrow

  1. Linda, thanks for your comment. I thought that men look for women with small hands to make it look bigger! Ha Ha!

    I would say you’re right about the feet but my current beau (Helios of course) has average feet for his height but HUGE hands. I think hands are more of an indication. Ha Ha!

    I hope I haven’t grossed you out too much!

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