Six things that make me smile

I was tagged by Jeanne at and my friend at  to share six things that make me smile.  Since I like to focus on the positive, I’ll share these with you:


  1. Helios.  I know, I know.  Everyone probably mentions their “better halves” at number 1 but he makes me smile.  I could list the reasons but I wouldn’t get around to the rest of my list if I did that!
  2. My family.  It’s hard to keep maintain long distance relationships but they’ve been incredibly good about keeping in touch with me and just thinking of them makes me smile.  Thanks Mom and to my sister!
  3. My friends.  There are quite a few people in my life who have no idea that I blog and I cherish all of them for reflecting different facets of my personality and just being good people.
  4. My blog.  I’ve met some inspirational women by simply sharing my woes and I’m grateful for their friendship. 
  5. Going to work.  It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a job and going to work so I’m really savouring this feeling!
  6. My garden.  In the summer I like getting my hands dirty and in the winter I love the way the light caresses the trees.  It reminds me of Maxfield Parrish paintings and always makes me smile.



I’m now tagging Emmy at and my friend at   I find them both inspiring and I would like to spread the smiles – the world needs more, don’t you think?



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