Temp Work – Monday

I’ve started my temp job properly.  To show you precisely how busy I am, I’m working on my next blog entry while working.


Today there has been a Siberian cold front complete with several inches of snow.  Beautiful but hazardous.  I expect we’ll be let out early for safety reasons – not many people made it into the office today.  I used to say that I was so grateful to have moved to England so I wouldn’t have to shovel snow but getting around over the next couple of days will require lots of snow preparations – boots, blankets, shovel, a coffee can and candles in the car. 


Perhaps Reception work isn’t for me!  I prefer to be busy so that the time goes by quickly.  I also need to know what I’m doing so that I can feel confident.  I used to marvel at just how dumb some receptionists are but I expect they need to be in order that they don’t lose their minds in the dullness surrounding the waiting for someone to call.  I keep wanting to interrupt others – emailing friends and Helios for example – but I know that’s not fair on them. 


I was never allowed to interrupt Ramman at work – his work being far too important for me to ever interrupt.  Him being far more important than I ever was…


I think I have too much time sitting here waiting for the phone to ring – if I’m not careful I’ll start to re-evaluate my life and that’s never a good idea.  I think that we, women I mean, think too much.  We constantly think about our relationships, our careers, our children, our friends. 


I had a lovely long chat this past weekend with an old friend I knew in school.  I was amazed that she took the time to find me and how pleased that she seemed to finally be in touch again.   We fell out of touch when she dropped out of university and I’ve not spoken to her since 1994!   I spent an hour or two telling him all about her and what we were like when we were kids and then what she’s been up to since we lost touch.  She’s had an interesting life filled with ups and downs and because she’s lived in a number of places and had a couple of kids but is now single. 


On a slightly more vulgar note, I had amazing sex with Helios on Saturday night.  He actually rose to the occasion 3 times!!  Who else is this lucky?  Not a lot of women, I’m sure!  We managed a position that we hadn’t tried before and a good time was had by both of us.  Hooray!!


I asked him what makes a woman good in bed because, as far as I can tell, you just lay back and think of England.  Well, it’s not that simple.  He thinks I’m the best because 1) I’m honest about what I like and what I don’t, 2) I’m open to try new things (within reason!), 3) I let go and enjoy myself.  He said that most English women (or at least the sampling he’s had) never seem to let go and enjoy the moment.  For a man who’s keen on getting a woman to enjoy herself, I can see how that would be frustrating.  Finally, he likes it that I have a hard time resisting him and have been known to chase him around the bed.  He says it makes him feel sexy and I reply “Helios, you are!”  It’s nice that we communicate so well.  I think that that aspect of a relationship will easily show if there are other issues in the relationship.  Does that make sense?


So, tomorrow I’m working here again, I’ll cover the Receptionist’s lunch.  I was left with a HUGE project that took all of an hour and I’m now wondering what else I’ll have to do for the rest of this week…  Still, I can’t complain.  I’m getting paid and it’s getting me out of the flat.  I do need that!  I expect it’s very good for me even if I’m not enjoying myself…  it builds character!