Interview 2


I had another interview this morning.  This time I was discussing a one-week contract with a computer company.  I was more excited about this role than the first, even though it’s only a one-week contract.  It will be nice to get a bit of confidence back and the more I’m out there in the big bright world, the more likely I am to get that. 


If I get the job, I will be covering one of the Assistants in the company and supporting 9 – 10 people.  I would be delighted to get out of the flat for a few days.  The hours are slightly odd – 10 to 6 but it means that I can organise a quick interview in the morning (if I’m lucky and get another interview for a permanent job) and head to work.  I’m keen to get back out there and get some confidence back.


They seemed to be very nice.  The company has won some awards and their website is very funny – including describing their employees as “geeks” with goatees, shaven heads or long hair, and glasses.  Luckily I speak “geek” as well as American and English so I’m hoping that means that I’m going to be given the job. 


I GOT IT!!  I’ve been given the job and I’m lucky.  I’m also happy and relieved that I’m obviously not completely incompetent.  Helios has said that he is proud of me and I feel a lot more relaxed already.


I’ll start on Friday morning and have a day of hand-over and then I’ll have a week there.  I do hope that things go smoothly while I’m there.  It’s only a week so I don’t expect that much can really go wrong.