I’ve registered with a number of employment agencies and finally had a proper job interview today.  It was more than a little scary but I think I did well.  I’m only one of two people that they’re seeing.  The lady seemed keen on “selling” the company to me while I was there.  I was also shown around the department and introduced to everyone – which is also a positive sign. 


While I’m interested in the company (good location, large company, subsidized restaurant, gym on site), I would prefer a job as a secretary or receptionist.  I am a little worried that I won’t have the focus that I would need for a role like this – another administrator position with lots of responsibility and a number of people to report to.  The good thing about it is that it seems to be a tight group without any sales responsibilities – I hate the sales environment.  I’m not good with that kind of pressure.  The focus of the job is instead on regulations and passing government guidelines and I’m really good at keeping spreadsheets up to date and updating databases and following up tasks. 


I think I’m going back and forth with it because the lady I saw today said that she was going to make a decision and let me know later on today if I’m going to be offered the job.  Meanwhile time is ticking away and the longer I wait for news the more I think I didn’t get the job.  No matter what I wouldn’t say yes straightaway but I need some money coming in soon so I think that I would probably say yes after discussing my options with Helios.


In the meantime I’ve got a couple of other interviews to go to this week.  There’s one role that I’m much more sure of – I’ve been to two interviews (one with an agency and one with another agency) for this one.  I’m keen on it even though the company isn’t as big and the location isn’t as good because it’s a receptionist/secretarial job and I’m sure that I’ll be able to cope with any stresses involved with it.  I’ve left a message with the agency to say that I’m having interviews now but I’m more keen on this role so please get back to me ASAP…  Nothing so far.


Also, I’ve been wondering if part of my problem is working for women.  I’ve never had a problem with the men that I’ve worked for.  I think I must be able to communicate with them more easily?  Or is it because the ambitious women that I’ve worked for have been so keen on making themselves look good that they feel the need to make others look bad.  I was once told that it was my incompetence that led to my boss not making her target.  Me.  (You can’t see it but I’m rolling my eyes.)  How that could have ever truly been the case when she spent so long on the phone to her boyfriends, doing her nails and looking for T-shirts on line rather than actually working is beyond me.  Sure, it’s my fault.  I’m also the Easter Bunny!


Just got the phone call.  I didn’t get the job.  It went instead to someone who applied from another department within the same company.  I was told it didn’t reflect on me.  While I’m a little relieved, I’m also disappointed.  I don’t like sitting at home wondering how I’m going to pay the mortgage!  I can’t ever let it get me down though – no one wants to hire a misery.