First Period after Lap

When I spoke with my consultant surgeon gynaecologist he said that he did try to get all my endometriosis but, with the extent of the lesions, he’s bound to have missed some.  How bad can it be?


The answer: not too bad.  I’m taking Mefenamic Acid and still uncomfortable but not so bad that I don’t know what I’m doing.  Does this happen do you?  Does your pain come in waves?  I’ll be reasonably comfortable for a little while and then I’ll want a hot water bottle.  I normally try to resist the hot water bottle mainly because I like it a bit too hot to help with the pain and I’ve been known to burn myself (more than once I’ve raised blisters) right in the small of my back.  The burn doesn’t hurt but it really distresses Helios.  The last thing I feel like is having someone clucking around me. 


So I’m sitting here with the laptop – appropriately – on my lap and I’m moving my back every so often, trying to stretch it out without success. 


I’m sleeping a little better.  Is that because I’m delighted at the thought of not going back to work at that terrible place?  Or is it because the anti-depressants have finally started to kick in?  I find I do something strange in the night – I manage to keep the sheet and the top bedspread on me but the two quilts in between the sheet and the bedspread migrate in the night over Helios.  I wake up before the alarm feeling hot.  I’m not sweating but I’m hot.  I wonder if I’m hot because I’m coming off the HRT or if it’s because our bed is pushed against the radiator.  Now, if you’re about to tell me to move the bed the answer is the flat is too small.  We don’t have room and I’m stuck for the rest of my life crawling over Helios when I need to use the “facilities” in the night – except of course when I have a lap and then I’m under strict orders from Helios himself to wake him so that he can ensure I’m steadied to and from the toilet safely.


I’m looking for another job.  So far there are a few jobs out there but it looks like there are so many people who want every vacancy.  I’m currently pinning my hopes on a vacancy in a company where a mate of mine works.  It’s in an industry I have a decade of experience in and I’m hoping that my CV looks good.


Keep your fingers crossed.




One thought on “First Period after Lap

  1. Foxy
    I used my laptop A LOT after my last lap… I was pretty much confined to the couch for awhile, and then, once I was able to move around more, I still was more comfortable on the couch with the laptop then in my computer chair at the desktop.
    I’m guessing the heat is from a combonation of the two, but I know when I come off HRT I can really warm as well, so it could just be one or the other.
    Good luck looking for work!!

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