Unwanted House-Guest


The night before last I awoke for a call of nature in the night.  As I walked to the bathroom I heard a loud chewing or gnawing sound.  It gave me the creeps.  I didn’t have to wake Helios, he sat up in bed as I went back to bed, “You OK sweetie?”  Well, no actually.  I think we have company.  I can hear chewing.  Helios got up to have a look – mainly so I’d know what size traps to buy the next day.  He confirmed a mouse which was better than a rat I suppose. 


I managed to sleep again that night but I plagued by dreams of rodents.


The next day I bought a pack of four mouse traps.  Now, you can buy “humane” traps that leaves the mouse alive but I didn’t want a repeat visit of this particular guest and, as it wasn’t brought in by a proud cat, the mouse obviously knew a way into the building.  It’s got to die.


Helios asked if I wanted help setting the traps but I didn’t.  I told him instead that I’d be a bit of a wreck once the traps caught something and I would be grateful for his assistance then.  He smiled and said not to worry that he’d deal with it.


I set them up – two with cheese and two with peanut butter.  When we had mice in my Mom’s old house we found that peanut butter was good bait…  Helios wasn’t sure if that would be good bait for English mice so I divided the bait and set them around the kitchen. 


The day then passed quietly.  I didn’t hear movement or any other noises and I wondered if it had decided to go after catching a glimpse of Helios? 


We went to bed last night at the usual time.  Of course I couldn’t sleep.  Helios and I start off every night with a bit of cuddling – first he cuddles me and then, when I get too hot, I cuddle him.  Well, he cuddled me and I couldn’t quite relax so we rolled over and I cuddled him when we heard a SNAP!  Oh it was horrible!  I clung to his shoulder and he had to calm me before going out to check the trap. 


When he came back he said “Peanut butter”, which confirmed to me that peanut butter is a delicacy among mice.  I finally slept last night.  We’re leaving the traps out just in case the guest brought friends.  I do hope that it’s just one!  So far all is quiet.  I’ve spent the rest of today cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.