Happy 2009!


We’re sitting on the couch and I’m suffering another headache.  We’re watching Jools Holland’s annual “Hootenanny”.  I’m beginning to realise just how out of touch I am with my youth as I don’t know half of the acts on the show and I don’t fancy a drink.  It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m contemplating the extra second that will be added to 2008 rather than bouncing around the room or watching fireworks being set off in the back garden by blokes with a little too high booze content in their blood. 


So much for me growing old disgracefully.  I did tell myself that I wanted to embarrass my children – well now that I’m keen on not having any I’m going to have to work on embarrassing myself.  If I’m going to be successful I’m going to have to work on feeling a little less old and tired.  I think that’s my resolution for 2009. 


I wish everyone a Happy New Year and to stick to your resolutions.