It’s a Lemon!

Wow!  I’ve just been awarded The Lemon Award from Endochick at Endometriosis: the silent life sentence.   The Lemon Award is given to bloggers who have an attitude of caring – and I expect of turning life’s lemons into lemonade.  The award has indeed brightened my week!  My most grateful thanks.


Following the spirit of the award I pass it onto the following people who I think need some recognition:

1.  My mom (I know she’s not a blogger, but I think you’ll all agree that after her car died on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, she needs something to brighten her day!  It’s still not fixed and it’s precisely at times like these that I hate living in England – I’m far too far away to lend her a hand.  Mom, have some lemonade.)

2. My sister (Do you see a pattern here?  My sister is a blogger but her’s is about her career.  She’s a great gal.  Have some lemonade, sweetheart!)

3. Emmy’s Thoughts

4. Alex at The In’s & Out’s of Endo 

5. and finally,

The spirit of the award requires me to name 10 people/bloggers who really deserve it but, as I’m still relatively new at this whole blogging thing, I’m not aquainted with a wide variety of blogs.  I’ll try and sound more professional going forward…  In the meantime, I expect that you can give yourself some lemonade too. 


2 thoughts on “It’s a Lemon!

  1. Eeep! I was just telling endochick that I’m not sure today I deserve this-I’m not sure I’m making a lot of lemonade lately. I need to perk up though. Thanks!!! 🙂

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